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Massage This Point On Your Body And Experience The Miracle!

Massage and acupressure are two procedures that have been used for centuries to cure human body and prevent health affections. The eastern medicine connects the body organs with the 12 main meridians and 365 points that cross the human body. The Chinese are very strong in their beliefs and they …

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Home Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

Modern society can be defined by two serious illnesses – anxiety and depression. On one hand anxiety makes people worry all the time, thinking that something bad will happen at any moment. Depression, on the other hand, deepens people in a black helpless whole, from which they think they cannot …

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Home Remedies for Smelly Hair

Here are the top 10 home remedies for smelly hair. 1.Neem Oil You can use neem oil like tea tree oil by adding it to your shampoo. Alternatively, you can apply a few drops of this oil on your scalp, massage, and leave it on overnight. Shampoo your hair the next …

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