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5 ways to get rid of the your facial hair

Generally, excessive hair growth is caused by hormonal imbalance and is very common among pregnant women. In this sense, doctors recommend a hormonal treatment in order to bring the hormones to equilibrium.  However, there are several remedies that can help you remove unwanted facial hair: How to get rid of …

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6 facial masks that help you get rid of unwanted facial hair

Lately, women have been forced to deal with a beauty issue- unwanted facial hair – that is not very pleasant because it is a little painful and ca irritate your skin if you use products rich in chemicals. So, instead of spending your money on different treatments that appear on …

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10 solutions to get rid of facial hair at home

In medical terms, abnormal hair growth on the face or body is called hirsutism. People with dark hair or stronger pigment, are more hairy than those with reduced pigmentation. People have hair all over the body. Except for eyes and nails. Unwanted facial hair has become a serious concern for …

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