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Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Human hair is composed of three main layers: the medulla which is the core, the cortex, which covers the medulla and the cuticle which is an exterior protective layer. There are many factors that can damage your hair among which we remind washing it in excess with soaps and shampoos …

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Nourishing Hair Oil Recipe

This is an easy and inexpensive home treatment that will naturally improve your hair and all you have to do is to be patient and to trust the following recipe. Please note that it will leave hair oily and need to be washed and rinsed well as to not leave …

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

zAs a natural remedy, castor oil can be used with success¬† on your skin as a cleansing product. Moreover, you can also use it in your daily hair care in order to stimulate your hair to grow faster. Hair and skin care – Castor oil is a very old natural …

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