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What to do after you pop a pimple

There are many useful tips to squeeze an annoying and ugly pimple, but do you know what to do so it will not come back? Acne is a real health problem that can be improved with a few hygiene tricks. See what to do after you pop a pimple.

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4 recipes with lemon for face and body

Considered one of the best allies of immunity thanks to its high level of vitamin C, lemon is also a reliable friend of beauty. Here are some ways that you can use it in cosmetic treatments that are very easy to do at home. Toner lotion Mix two tablespoons of …

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Get rid of dandruff, acne or irritations with alum powder

Known for its antibacterial properties, Alum is often used as a natural antiperspirant. Few people know, however, that from this stone you can get a miraculous powder that has a lot of uses. Alum powder, can be used both on the skin and hair or even face. Eliminates foot odor …

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