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Onions and the amazing benefits for eating it – Read more!

Red onions are one of the vegetables that have many health benefits managing to treat disorders and reduce the risk of certain diseases.


It reduces the risk of cancer

Include in your daily diet one red onion. It will keep larynx, colon or ovary cancer at distance. Make sure that you do not consume it in excess.

It prevents bacterial infections

Red onion has anti-bacterial properties therefore, it kills the harmful bacteria in your system.

You should pay attention when you chop the onion though. Do not let it rest more than 2 hours because it will oxidize and lose all its properties.

It controls blood sugar levels

It reduces inflammation

Being rich in Sulphur, red onion reduces the action of the white blood cells, the ones responsible for a strong immune system. You may think it is a crazy recommendation but a lower level of white blood cells, will reduce the inflammations. Since the red onion is very rich in antioxidants, they will prevent the fatty acids from oxidizing, meaning it will help you treat the inflammation.