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What does the lack of Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Mean?

The lunula of your nails or the white half-moon as most people know it, is a sensitive part of your body which can signal certain diseases if it is very small or inexistent. The lunula, Latin word for little moon, finds its color in the fifth layer of the epidermis which cannot be seen very easily, because it is located under the blood cells. For the Chinese people, the missing lunula is a symptom of anemia or diabetes.

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A red lunula shows you that your system faces cardiovascular problems. Other affections signaled by a missing lunula on different fingers:

  • Intestinal blockage – may be indicated by the absence of the lunula on the little finger;
  • Psychological problems – can occur if there is no lunula on the thumb;
  • High blood pressure – is generally indicated by no lunula on the middle finger;
  • Problems with the liver, reproductive system (for women), pancreas or intestines – are announced by the absence of the white half-moon on the index;
  • Thyroid affection – usually revealed by the lack of lunula on the fourth finger.


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