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Get rid of dandruff, acne or irritations with alum powder

Known for its antibacterial properties, Alum is often used as a natural antiperspirant. Few people know, however, that from this stone you can get a miraculous powder that has a lot of uses. Alum powder, can be used both on the skin and hair or even face.

Eliminates foot odor

Acting as an absorbent and having antibacterial properties alum powder can be successfully used on the skin of the feet to remove the odor.

It helps in the treatment of acne

Alum powder helps regulate sebum secretion of the skin, making it safe to use even by people suffering from acne. Blended with aloe vera gel will get a refreshing natural treatment indicated even for people with acne eruptions.

It prevents skin irritations after waxing and ingrown hairs

Most women with sensitive skin get irritations after waxing. Applied shortly after this process, the alum powder relieves any irritation and prevents the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

You get rid of sweating

Perhaps it is not as practical as an antiperspirant at the store, but alum powder is very effective in terms of removing the unpleasant smell of transpiration. First of all it is a natural product which can not be said about deodorants in trade, and secondly is hypoallergenic. Low price is also another advantage worth considering.

Does wonders against dandruff

Dissolved in ordinary shampoo, alum powder restores radiance and suppleness of hair, cleans the impurities and helps remove dandruff.

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