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How to Get Rid of Moles At Home

Moles are nothing but harmless spots on your skin which seem to have an unpleasant appearance. Since they have no medical risk, moles are more a beauty issue as they are ugly and cause discomfort. They are brown or black in general, but they can also be red or pink among certain people.

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Usually they appear among people in their 20s and they are an over-pigmentation of the skin. The main factors that lead to this process are the stress, too much time spent in the sun, improper diet or heredity, the most common responsible.

Natural remedies

Even though the market offers you expensive treatments that promise to eliminate the moles from your skin, in most cases it is just a promise and a loss of money. Fortunately, we have the best solution for you: natural remedies. Easy to prepare and follow, they are cheap and effective.

Cashew nuts

Prepare a paste by combining 3 tbsp. of water and the powder obtained when grinding ½ bowl of cashew nuts. Spread the resulting paste on the moles and let it rest for 20 minutes before washing the skin. Repeat daily.

Cashew nuts have antifungal and antiviral properties, managing to remove the mole from your skin, if applied with regularity.

Baking soda and castor oil

Combine 1 pinch of baking soda with 1 tsp. of castor oil, then apply the resulting remedy on the moles and let it rest overnight. Rinse your skin with water and repeat the remedy on a regular basis.

Castor oil is known for how helpful it is in treating skin issues, whereas baking soda has bleaching properties, managing to remove the scars from your skin. Together they make wonders.

Frankincense oil

Dilute 1 tsp of frankincense oil in 1 tsp of olive oil and soak a cotton ball in it. Dab your moles and let the remedy rest up to 40 minutes, then wash your skin.

Frankincense oil is rich in substances that stimulate the skin regeneration and strengthen your immunity.


Garlic is rich in enzymes which remove the cells that lead to the formation of moles. In addition, garlic has bleaching properties, restoring your skin its natural color.

Spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly to protect your skin from the burning sensation caused by garlic. Then grind 3 garlic cloves and apply the resulting paste on the moles, covering it with a bandage. Let the remedy action for 5 hours, then remove the bandage and wash your skin. Repeat several times a week.

Apple cider vinegar

Apply a protective layer of petroleum jelly over your moles, then dip a cotton ball in 1 tsp of ACV. Apply it on the affected area, cover it with a gauze and leave it action for 3 hours. Alternatively, you can apply some ACV directly on the moles by using a cotton ball. Let the remedy get dry and the mole become white, then rinse the skin with water. Follow this procedure several times a day.

ACV is famous for being able to treat many skin problems due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. In addition, it is a rich source of tartaric acid ideal for mole removal.


Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your moles so that you protect your skin against burning. Apply a single drop of iodine solution with 5% iodine on the mole, then cover it with a gauze. After 5 hours, remove the bandage and wash your skin. Repeat several times a week.

Iodine is a very powerful solution that kills the ‘infected’ cells, removing the mole easily.

Coriander leaves

Grind a handful of coriander leaves until you get a paste. Apply the resulting paste on the moles, then cover it with a bandage. Let the remedy sit for half an hour then rinse it off. Repeat daily.

Besides the taste they give to your dishes, coriander leaves also remove the moles from your skin, making sure they tone your skin.

Pomegranate peel

Dry the skin of one pomegranate and grind it so that you obtain a powder. Combine this powder with 2 tbsp. of lemon juice and apply it on your moles. After three hours, rinse your skin with water. Repeat daily.

Pomegranate is a rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids and bioactive substances which manage to remove the mole.

Prevention tips

  • Spend less time under the sun so that you prevent the hyperpigmentation of your skin.
  • Avoid starching the mole. It can make it break up and grow bigger.
  • If moles start to appear, you can eradicate them by applying every night a slice of potato that will action during the night.
  • Consume foods rich in potassium such as bananas and strawberries or drink some onion juice. You will eliminate the moles easily.
  • You can also apply some honey on the moles. They will vanish in no time.
  • Try to avoid surgical interventions. They can be dangerous and effect-less.
  • You can apply several ingredients on the moles to get rod of them: apple juice, primrose oil or dandelion root.
  • Drink as many fruit juices as possible. The vitamins and antioxidants they contain will remove the moles from your skin, leaving it beauty and clear again.