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Get Rid of Belly Fat With this Green Mixture

Modern society is impacted by a very serious disease – sedentary life. As strange as it may seem, this way of life is in fact responsible for an even more serious affection – overweight. Without being aware of it, the fact that we stay sit most of our time in front of the TV and computer, we actually allow our body to relax and gain kilos.

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Even if it seems very difficult, because not everyone can afford to go to the gym or follow a weight-loss plan, you can now think about a fit and healthy body. This natural remedy will help you burn the fat in a healthy way and become slim again:


Wash 1 handful of spinach and 1 small piece of ginger that you eventually peel, and put them in a blender. Pour the juice of a lemon and 1 glass of water and mix well all the ingredients until you get a smooth composition. Before consumption, you must let the mixture boil for about 20 minutes on low heat and in the end let it cool down.

Consume this green smoothie each morning before breakfast and the results will be felt soon enough.