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From bed to the door: How to get ready in 20 minutes?

It is no secret that most of us become very difficult morning. If the “snooze” button is your best
friend, then you know that each press of the button takes a minimum of five minutes of your time for the
morning toilet. Getting done your hair and makeup sometimes can take hours. Here we will
present a quick guide on how to start a good morning.

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Begin preparations in the evening

You’ve heard it before – preparation is the key. Instead of getting a half an hour earlier in the morning to take a shower, you can do this work in the evening. If you are worried that your hair will flatten, a good solution to this problem would be an old school hairnet. Prepare your clothes for the next day so you will not wonder what to wear when you open your wardrobe in the morning.


Waking up

Morning! Get up, get dressed, wash your face, brush your teeth and get your hair done. 15 minutes

3-4 minutes: Apply multifunction product – moisturizing with protection from the sun and smoothing the
2-3 minutes: Apply illuminating concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles and brighten the
1 minute: As we aim simple but stunning looks, it is important to pay little attention to the eyebrows.

You still have a few minutes – use them for breakfast, add another layer of mascara, perfume and
little smile.

How much time you need to prepare in the morning? Are you ready to try these tips we provided?

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