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Detox your colon using a natural home remedy

Natural remedies have many properties and can be used to treat different conditions. Colon issues do not make an exception. You can think about homemade remedies too, if you want to detox your colon and restore its functions.

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  1. Castor oil packs

For this remedy you need castor oil and a cloth, either a towel, a bath cloth or a flannel. Take some castor oil and pour it over the cloth until it is well oiled. Cover your abdomen with the cloth and wrap around with a plastic wrap. Over the plastic put a towel and over the towel place a bottle with hot water, waiting up to 30 minutes. Once the water has cooled down, remove the clothes and wash your skin.

  1. Enema

An enema implies injecting a fluid in your colon that will direct the toxins out of your colon. Be careful not to use it too frequent because it can create dependence.

  1. Consult a natural doctor

They focus on how well their patients detox. He can advise you what treatments you should follow in order to help your body detox as best as possible or even recommend you to get a colonic.

  1. Get a colonoscopy

Known as colon irrigation, this procedure, in spite of being uncomfortable, has positive effects for your colon and manages to detoxify it properly.

The procedure implies the insertion of a tube in your rectum, through which liquids (water) are introduced by force into your colon. This water will be removed from your body by an abdomen massage performed by the therapist.

After this treatment you should be able to have a bowel movement per day. In order to make this happen you should follow a healthy diet and consume colon clean supplements. If the results are not positive, you should see a specialist.


Detox your colon with natural home remedies