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Get rid of dandruff, acne or irritations with alum powder

Known for its antibacterial properties, Alum is often used as a natural antiperspirant. Few people know, however, that from this stone you can get a miraculous powder that has a lot of uses. Alum powder, can be used both on the skin and hair or even face. Eliminates foot odor …

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8 benefits of using rose water

Rose water has many advantages, from which you can benefit in various ways to improve your skin and your overall wealth. No matter what your skin type is, this ‘wonder of nature’ will help you look beautiful and radiant! Rose water is becoming an essential part of the world of …

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11 methods to get a healthy and shiny hair

It is true that some girls are just born with beautiful, long, shiny hair. The rest of us, who do not own any of these, we have to work hard to get rid of dry, brittle and damaged hair. If you trust solely the beauty products you buy from cosmetic …

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