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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

zAs a natural remedy, castor oil can be used with success  on your skin as a cleansing product. Moreover, you can also use it in your daily hair care in order to stimulate your hair to grow faster. Hair and skin care – Castor oil is a very old natural remedy which lately has been replaced by many expensive creams and solutions.  Due to its high levels of minerals, fatty acids and vitamin E, it fights against bacteria and fungi, preventing acne formation or hair loss.

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Hair growth stimulant

Castor oil is perhaps the best oil for your scalp and hair follicle, preventing hair loss. Once you start using it, hair conditions such as dandruff or follliculitus become nothing else but a bad memory. This happens because the substance called ricinoleic, stimulates blood circulation and balances the pH level, completing the oil intake that the scalp needs. In addition, it restores damaged hair and gives more strength and smoothness to your strands.

People who have used castor oil, say that it can help your hair grow three times faster than before. When applied with regularity, for instance, two times a week, you can have a 2 inch longer hair, thicker strands and new tiny hair follicles.

What kind kind of castor oil to choose?

When thinking about castor oil treatment, the best option is a homemade remedy.  For this you will need to buy a cold pressed oil that has a low concentration of hexane.  For a better application you can combine castor oil with argan or jojoba oil; it will liquefy its texture and make it easier to spread all over your hair.

Tips to take into consideration:

– Do not use castor oil in excess as it may harm your hair;
– For better results, wet your hair gently before application;
– Leave the treatment rest for a couple of hours or even overnight and cover your head with a bath cloth; it will nourish in depth the follicle and ease the washing;
– When washing, always use natural shampoo;
– Try to massage your hair with an egg paste in order to remove the oil from your head and replenish the nutrient levels;
– Apply a hair conditioner before cleansing your hair in order to remove the impurities better;
– Always test a new product, no matter how common it may be, so that you make sure you are not allergic to that substance;
– You can always make combinations.

For example:

Combine 3 tbsp of castor oil with 1 tbsp of jojoba oil and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Spread the mixture from root to the ends in order to cover the entire area. Massage your scalp for about 5 minutes so that you stimulate circulation and then wash gently.


Castor Oil for Hair Growth