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Body Bronzer – Follow these 10 steps to use it properly

Bronzer became extremely popular in recent years, and it happened for a reason. Excessive exposure to
sunlight is very dangerous and can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. Yet each one of us
wants to have beautiful and fresh complexion! A wonderful solution is bronzer. Today we will give you
some important tips to keep in mind if you decide to get bronzed at home:

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1. Exfoliate your skin before using bronzer body

Make sure you exfoliate your skin thoroughly before applying bronzer, paying special attention to knees,
ankles, elbows and heels. Application of bronzer may seem quite unnatural and lead to strange spots
and stripes on the body. We do not want that, right? Also, make sure you gently exfoliate your face if
you decide to apply bronzer there as well

2. Remove unwanted hair before using bronzer

Of you want to get an even tan you have to remove all unwanted hair on places where you apply it,
otherwise the color won’t be even and become blotchy. If you wax before applying bronzer, you will
have to wait a few hours.

3. Do not apply bronzer on wet skin!

By applying bronzer on wet skin you guarantee yourself a blotchy tan. So make sure that your body is
completely dry before you apply your bronzer.

4. Moisturize your skin before using bronzer.

Apply a light moisturizer all over your body before applying bronzer, focus on the drier parts such as
knees and elbows. Hydrate your skin, before applying bronzer. This will soften your skin and bronzer will
be uniformly applied. After you moisturized your skin wait a few minutes before applying bronzer.

5. Choose a bronze that suits your skin.

Choose a bronzer that suits the color of your skin, if you have fair skin – choose a lighter shade; if you
have a darker skin color- you can choose a richer and a darker shade. Whatever shade you choose, make
sure you have purchased the product, which darkens gradually.

6. Test the bronzer before applying it all over your skin

Test your brand new bronzer on a small area of skin before applying it on your whole body. Apply a
small amount of it on your skin and wait to see how product reacts with your specific skin tone. This
advice will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

7. Application of bronzer…

Now you are ready for the application of bronzer on your body. It is better to use gloves if you do not
want to have strange stains on your hands. There is also a wide variety of bronzer sprays, which are
much easier to use. Apply in circular movements, starting from bottom to top. Do not forget the area
around your neck, and the skin behind your ears! Be especially careful when applying bronzer on your
face – apply only on areas of skin that naturally become darker, as your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
Spread the product evenly. Avoid applying bronzer on your eyelids, eyebrows and lips. It is beter to
reapply bronzer sparingly, especially when it comes to the face. This way you will obtain a more natural
effect. At the end of the day, if your face is not bronzed enough after your first application, you can
always add some more.

8. When you use your hands to apply bronzer….

Well, obviously, you should wash your hands very well, if you did not use gloves. However, if you have
served with their help, be sure to apply a very small amount of the bronzer on them.

How to wash your hands of bronzer?
Wash your hands with body scrub and do not forget to clean between fingers and around the nails,
making sure that those areas do not become too brown or orange.

9. Timeout

Wait about 30 minutes to 1 hour before getting dressed, if you do not want to color clothes. Some ladies
apply bronzer before sleep and wake up in the morning as a bronzed and sexy goddess. In this case also
wait about 30 minutes before you get into bed.
We encourage you to apply a thin layer of light moisturizing lotion after you’ve already applied bronzer.
It will help you remove all stripes, even before they occur. Note that the color will begin to show a few
hours later, so be patient and wait.

10. How to extend gorgeous tan results?

Avoid exfoliation of the skin, excessive showering and swimming in the pool for at least 6-8 hours after
the application of bronzer body. If you want to prolong your tan, gently and mildly exfoliate your skin,
regularly moisturize it and avoid shaving (makes it as less as it is possible) that will irritate your skin and
destroy your tan in no time.

We hope we’ve been useful. Please, leave your own beauty tips in the comments section below.


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