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How To Brighten Your Teeth Using A Banana Peel

A perfect look is something that every woman wishes for. But it is definitely completed by a beautiful smile, which is quite difficult to get, no matter how many procedures or products you use. The most common way to bleach your teeth is a professional one, but it costs a …

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Pickles are fermented food. They have the capacity of changing your bag mood and promoting happiness. In other words, they can prevent anxiety or neurosis. Too great to be true? Well, it has been scientifically proven. A daily consumption of pickles stimulates the serotonin production, the hormone responsible for your …

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An Incredible Energizing Morning Shot (takes less than 30 seconds to make it)

Lemon juice is an amazing fruit with many benefits for your health. It can easily stimulate your metabolism, prevent weight loss or premature ageing, but it can also improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Similarly, turmeric can provide your body with many nutrients. Through its actions, it can fight …

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Eliminate All Poisons From Your Body in 48 Hours – A ‘Must Do’ Weekend Detoxification Plan

When your body stores too many toxins, it fails to work properly, making you feel weak, tired and energy-less. But this doesn’t affect you only on the inside, it can affect your appearance as well through pimples, dark circles or dry skin. In this case, the best solution is a …

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What does the lack of Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Mean?

The lunula of your nails or the white half-moon as most people know it, is a sensitive part of your body which can signal certain diseases if it is very small or inexistent. The lunula, Latin word for little moon, finds its color in the fifth layer of the epidermis …

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Get Rid of Belly Fat With this Green Mixture

Modern society is impacted by a very serious disease – sedentary life. As strange as it may seem, this way of life is in fact responsible for an even more serious affection – overweight. Without being aware of it, the fact that we stay sit most of our time in …

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