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8 must do methods to have naturally long lashes

Some say that the beauty of the eye stands out the most with beautiful, long eyelashes. There is no doubt that many girls dream about thick and long eyelashes… and no doubt there are countless artificial ways to achieve them. The spiral to artificial eyelashes … there is a wide variety of options to choose from. But if you want to own them, even when you take off your make-up, we offer you 7 ways to achieve this exact effect.

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  1. Eat healthy foods

Yes, this is definitely not something unexpected. The key to healthy hair and skin is a healthy diet. And as you will see, eyelashes are no exception. The secret is to eat foods rich in protein that will help your eyelashes grow thick and long.

  1. Olive oil, olive oil, olive oil!

One of the easiest ways to achieve long eyelashes, is olive oil. To help protect and nourish lashes, apply a little olive oil every night using a clean mascara brush, and in the morning wash. Remember that the same rule applies to the eyebrows, if you want them to be denser.

  1. Vitamin E

Instead of using only olive oil, try to create your own Eyelash masc. Mix 1 tablespoon sweet almond oil and 1 tablespoon olive oil, pour a drop of liquid vitamin E. Pour the mixture into a small bowl (you can use it more than once) .Using a brush or swab, apply the mixture on the lash line. Do this procedure before falling asleep for about a few weeks and you will notice the wonderful difference – stronger, healthier, thicker and longer eyelashes!

  1. Avoid using artificial eyelashes

The use of false eyelashes can solve your problem temporarily, but frequent application is believed that damage to your natural lashes. That is why they would not help in the long term.

  1. Do not stay with makeup too long.

Lashes you need to breathe, so give them a well-deserved break from cosmetic products whenever possible. Remove makeup after you came home, and always make sure that you have removed it completely.

  1. Use castor oil

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E, proteins, nutrients and Omega-6 fatty acids. True, it’s a little harder to find compared to other oils, but generally health food stores are the places to search in. In addition to your eyelashes, castor oil is a booster for the growth of your hair. Not only that, castor oil stimulates hair growth, but it can also contribute to a similar effect on your lashes! Simply apply a small amount of castor oil on eyelashes and eyebrows before bed and after few weeks you will notice an incredible difference – it will make your eyelashes longer and healthier.

  1. Massage

One of the easiest tips related to the growth and extension of eyelashes is brushing them twice a day with a special brush for eyelashes. This procedure will help to get a healthy growth and absorption of natural oils that you use (olive oil, castor oil, etc.). Proceed along the entire length of the lashes. Extremely light massage will improve the blood supply.

The best way to stimulate the growth of eyelashes is not simply use one of these ways, but combine them. Take care of your eyelashes, treat them with care!

We hope that our tips have been helpful. Feel free to share your own favorite secrets, tips and tricks on how to get longer and thicker eyelashes in the comments below.

Stay beautiful and glamorous!

8 must do methods lashes