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8 biggest myths about cellulite

When it comes to cellulite, every women has a well-defined view on this subject. She thinks she knows the causes, think it’s hard to get rid of this problem and, most likely, does not know that there are a lot of untruths that are told about this subject. Cellulite has become a scary topic both for skinny and those once with few extra kilos.

However, there are a lot of myths about cellulite circulating freely, and today we will talk about some of the most popular one.

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Skinny women have less cellulite than those with extra kilos

False. Cellulite is not only caused by excess kilos, but also other factors such as hormonal disorders, water retention, birth control, lack of physical activity.

Cellulite is linked to toxins accumulated in the body

False. Toxins are unrelated to cellulitis, and this was confirmed by doctors

The cell can no be treated

False. You can get rid of cellulite by combining a balanced diet with sport and anti-cellulite massage, conducted with special products.

Cellulite worsens with age

True. Hormones play an important role in this process. As we age, our bodies produce less estrogen, a hormone involved in blood circulation. So, less estrogen can mean poor circulation, and this affects the production or collagen, which keeps skin supple.

Cellulite can be a genetic problem

True, specialists have confirmed this hypothesis. If your mother and grandmother had cellulite , most likely you will have it too.

Cellulite creams do all the job

False. Without sports, massage and a healthy diet, cellulite creams have no effect.

The clothes you wear can affect the appearance of your skin.

True. In general, too close-fitting clothing can affect blood circulation, and this has an impact on skin appearance and may agravate cellulite.

Smoking worsens cellulite

True. Smoking cigarette affects your circulation and production of collagen and your skin suffers greatly if you smoke. In addition, premature wrinkle come bundled with all the other problems caused by smoking.