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5 ways to get rid of the your facial hair

Generally, excessive hair growth is caused by hormonal imbalance and is very common among pregnant women. In this sense, doctors recommend a hormonal treatment in order to bring the hormones to equilibrium.  However, there are several remedies that can help you remove unwanted facial hair:

How to get rid of unwanted facial hair

1. Use tweezers

You can pull out the facial hair with tweezers or other devices. But you must be careful when plucking, because, unlike leg skin, facial one is more sensitive and you can damage it easily. Like all things, this procedure has also disadvantages: it takes a lot of time to eliminate all hair follicles, it is a little painful and when the hair grows back is is thicker and darker.

2. Apply a depilatory cream

They remove the hair by dissolving its root. In spite of being very effective on large areas – legs, arms, these creams can provoke irritation or swelling. Make sure that you choose a cream for sensitive facial skin.

3. Wax the unwanted hair

The most popular method of facial hair removal is waxing.  Despite its positive effects, you should avoid this procedure if you have a dark skin as it may change its pigmentation in the area on which it is used.

4. Electrolysis

This remedy implies removing the hair through electricity.  The results are very effective and long lasting, but they must be done by a specialist. They are quite expensive and time consuming, therefore the procedure must be performed accordingly.

5. Use the laser

This procedure is the most recommended as its effects satisfy any woman. But before opting for this treatment, you should visit a doctor in order to see if there are no risks for you.