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5 solutions for excess sweating

Sweating is one of the most vexing problems in summer, but you should know that this is an air-conditioning for your body. The human body has more than 2.6 million sweat glands, which produce sweat to regulate temperature. Find out what is the normal amount of sweating that has to be eliminated from your body and how you can get rid of the excess.

The amount of sweat eliminated by the body varies from person to person and it’s influenced by genetic factors. It is normal to sweat more in warm weather or when you are increasing your physical activity, because then you consume more water to keep your body healthy. But there are few signs that you are sweating in excess.

Signs that you are sweating in excess:

Your see stains on your clothes everyday. Excessive sweating flows from the underarm area to the waist and this is why stains appear on your clothes. In warmer weather, this is normal to happen, but people with excessive sweating go through the same situation also in cool environments.

You sweat during intense moments? If your back is wet before a work presentation that means that you are one of those who sweat in excess. In general, perspiration caused by stress smells worse than the one caused by heat.

Solutions for excessive perspiration:

  • Apply deodorant on evening, before bedtime, when the sweat glands are less active. The antiperspirant will have a better effect the next day. If you take a morning shower, use deodorant again on dry skin.
  • Avoid heat at peak hours. If you exercise outdoors, try to avoid doing it from 11am and 4 pm, when the temperature is the highest. Thus, it will help the body to regulate their temperature with less sweat.
  • Go to a dermatologist. He can prescribe an antiperspirant with 20% aluminum, which you can apply in the evening, on any¬†areas with problems : hands, feet, armpits, scalp.
  • Inject botox in your underarm. This way you will block nerves that stimulate sweating. The first treatment is valid for three months and the next sessions for 6 months or even more. Such intervention price is pretty steep, and reaches $2,000 for one treatment.
  • Consider microwaves. For serious cases of excessive sweating, there is a microwave based technology, whose effect lasts the most. Microwaves are sent to the armpit where they eliminate sweat glands up to 80%. This procedures are recommended to conduct at the distance of three months. Treatment costs about $3,000.