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5 important things you need to know about your blood type and what diet is preferred

Blood type is very important, not only for your general health but also because it has a great influence on what you should eat. That there are four blood groups – A, B, AB and O – we all know. But, what some of us may not know is that each group determines us to respond in a certain way to various antigens absorbed by our body.  To ‘translate’ this in the common understanding, this is the reason why some people have a higher risk for some diseases than others.

Never eat the same as your friend’ is a common saying. We hear every day and at every corner that our friends have miraculously lost weight after following a certain diet. And because of the results, you try it as well, but never get the same results, in spite of following it in detail.

The reason: your blood type is different. So, when you want to lose weight, improve your lifestyle or fight a disease, keep in mind that you need to adapt the diet at your blood type.

Type A – pro carbs

People who have type A should focus on consuming plenty of vegetables, which are rich in carbohydrates that break down sugars due to the enzymes contained. At the same time, they can digest meat with great difficulty, which means that this type of blood should be vegetarian or vegan.

When we talk about diseases, we need to keep in mind that type A attracts diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems or even cancer. More common, they can have sleeping issues and hypothyroidism, because of the cortisol, which is present in the blood in large quantities.

Type B – focus on balance

The good news in this case is that these people are adaptable. To be more specific, they can eat almost anything as long as the foods are consumed with measure and they accompany the diet with sport.

Nevertheless, type B should avoid corn, peanuts, wheat or lentils because they can add some extra pounds and make you feel tired.

Type AB

People who have type AB should focus on consuming foods such as dairy products, seafood, veggies and tofu cheese. They should stay away from cured and smoked meat as they increase the risk of cancer because these people have low levels of stomach acids.

In this case, type AB should focus on eating slow, little and more often. In addition, they should also do a lot of sport.

Type O

Type O have powerful defense mechanisms because of the high amount if stomach acids which stimulate digestion and protect the digestive tract.

People with type O are recommended lots of vegetable, fruits and meat, but eat less wheat and dairy products.

When we talk about emotions, these people can easily get angry, change their mood or be hyperactive. All these apply especially when they are bored. And, what is best to combat boredom than physical activities?